Bear River Refuge – Oct 2019

Thursday October 3, 2019

An evening visit to one of my favorite refuges. — Jenny

Mule deer holding so still I thought it might be a decoy

Great blue heron

Avocets, willets, dabbling ducks etc.

Mountain reflections



Raccoon! I was so excited to get a decent photo of this guy that I got out of my car, walked closer to the tree (still 20 or so yards away) and used the manual focus while fending of the swarm of mosquitoes that came for me. I’m sure I looked ridiculous jerking the big lens/camera around whenever that buzzing sound came for my face.

Great blue heron

Sunset blues

Hundreds of blackbirds

Another great blue heron

Why yes, I mostly got photos of great blue herons



Birds & Mammals

  1. Red winged blackbird
  2. Common ravens
  3. Western meadowlarks
  4. Ring necked pheasants
  5. Gadwalls
  6. Mule deer
  7. Willets
  8. American avocets
  9. American white pelicans
  10. Pied billed grebe
  11. Snowy egret
  12. Ring billed gull
  13. White faced ibises
  14. Green winged teals
  15. Cinnamon teals
  16. Northern sovelers
  17. Mallards
  18. Barn swallows
  19. American coots
  20. Northern harriers
  21. Great blue herons
  22. Yellow headed blackbirds
  23. Double crested cormorants
  24. Black crowned night heron
  25. Raccoon!

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