Neon Museum in Vegas

Friday November 29, 2019

I went with friends to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas to check out the Tim Burton art installation in the Boneyard (the outside venue with all of the signs). Honestly, I was a little underwhelmed. I don’t know why I thought it would be larger or more. Maybe I psych myself out about what an art installation is supposed to look like. It was still a lot of fun, looking at the signs, finding the Burton pieces and then trying to connect the piece to a movie or some other piece of his work. I have a feeling that if you came after dark it would be more awe inspiring. All of the pieces I found would be lit in interesting ways and another level of atmosphere would be added. I really liked the old vegas signs and the Burton installation dark dome with the merry go round light display near the ceiling and the niches with small dioramas and light figures around the curve. It was so dark that the pieces really stood out. I’d love to go again (at night), or explore the indoor exhibit but that was another $ ticket and I’m no longer in Vegas.

Here are some of my photos (taken with my phone). No cameras other than phones were permitted. — Jenny

Link to Neon Museum Event site:












My favorite diorama

Inside the top of the dome
DUCK! You know I’m always looking for birds

Neon eating monster

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