2020 Calendars

It’s been a struggle this year to create my calendars. I began creating them for my mother who has always been my greatest fan. When she passed in February my world changed and I found it very difficult to create something when my primary audience is no longer with me. This holiday season has really hammered home my loss. I know my family grieves with me. I finally found a new printer and approved the proofs this week. If I’m really lucky I’ll get calendars in the mail next week. If you have been on my list of recipients you are still on my list, they will arrive (but maybe not till January). Next year, I’m hoping to put some on Etsy. This year, if you really want one and are not on my list send me an email or leave me a comment.

I can’t put all of the images from the calendars onto this post. The calendars are 8.5″ x 11″. We’ll see how the new printer does on print/paper quality. Keep your fingers crossed for me. – Jenny

Cover and January of the Bird Calendar
Title and January of the Mammal Calendar

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