Continuing the Drive – Camas Refuge

Camas National Wildlife Refuge

Before we came out of the mountain ranges of Montana we happened upon a small wetland area where we found this amazing Bald Eagle. We stayed for 20 minutes or so hoping that he would take off. He looks like he’s ready to, but really he’s just trying to get the wind to leave him in place. It really was super windy. The wind slacked off by the time we made it to the Camas refuge where we found more birds and Moose!

Bald Eagle


Red winged blackbird female

Red winged blackbird male

Yellow headed blackbird



American coot with chicks

American coot chick

Eared grebe

American kestrels

Red tailed hawk

And we end the way we started with MOOSE!!!


Baby moose ears!


They are so fuzzy!


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