Time Travel: Wildlife Park 2008

Arizona Wildlife Park March 14, 2008

I visited my sisters Sarah and Jaime and they took me to this Wildlife Park. I have no idea where it actually was but it must have been near Phoenix. Yes there were other animals at the park, but of course I focused on birds.

My first Black bellied whistling duck
wht faced tree duck b

Gorgeous white peacock
wht peacock1 b

Duck with mood lighting
birds02 b

Black swan (wow it’s amazing how much a difference a camera can make. I wouldn’t add a pic this blurry to my Flickr account, but I still love the swan so it stays.)
black swans3 b

Peacock shade
peacock butt b

walkby peacock09 b

walkby peacock05 b

I’d never thought about peacock’s flying before. But they do have wings so why not?
walkby peacock12 b

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