Time Travel: Maryhill Stonehenge Memorial – 2008

A visit to the Stonehenge Memorial April 13, 2008

I had a brief obsession with Stonehenge in the mid 1990s and had never had the opportunity to visit the real one nor any of it’s inspired imitators in America. I finally remedied this lack. The Maryhill henge is made of concrete and is built to replicate the completed/non-ruined version of Stonehenge.

The Maryhill Museum of Art was closed on the day I visited, but I will be visiting again.

Columbia River with Mount Hood in the distance
mt hood

White peacock on the grounds of the Maryhill Museum
wht peacock

Maryhill Museum
maryhill museum

Columnar jointing in the canyon walls
columbia gorge04

Visual context

The Maryhill concrete Stonehenge

Sign at the monument
henge sign

Walking through the henge






View from the henge

Spot (my car) provides proof that I was there

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