Camas, Mud Lake, & Market Lake

The Camas Complex

Birding what I like to call the Camas complex this includes the Market Lake Wildlife Management Area, the Camas National Wildlife Refuge, and the Mud Lake Wildlife Management Area. I left my house at 5:30 which meant I wasn’t there for sunrise but still in the morning hours. Sunrise is close to 6:00 at this point in the summer. In any case I spent so much time looking at the birds that I took few photos. I was particularly taken with the possibilities of Mud Lake which I apparently haven’t been birding enough to really know the best spots. I will be remedying this.

Ruddy Duck

Male Ring necked pheasant

Female Ring necked pheasant

Short eared owl

Yellow headed blackbird

Western meadowlark

Gray partridge

Franklin’s gulls

Sandhill cranes

I have no idea why these Snow geese were still here. Shocking!

Canada geese with goslings


Double crested cormorants, American white pelican, and coots

Wilson’s phaleropes

Trumpeter swans

Trumpeter swan butts

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