Camas Refuge ID – May 2022

5/8/22 Early afternoon at Camas Refuge
American kestrel

_JLS2106 (2)

Beautiful empty pond


Yellow headed blackbird

I was surprised to find no water in the ponds here at the Camas refuge. Normally there are abundant birds and water. I tracked down this announcement:

“Notice to Visitors of Camas NWR
We have entered that magical time of the year known as spring migration. For folks who are planning a trip to Camas NWR to see this migration in full swing, please be aware that the Refuge is currently dry and will likely remain that way for most of 2022, especially in the area around the auto-tour route. In most years we would use our groundwater wells to fill some of our wetland areas to provide open water habitat for migrating waterfowl and other birds. However, this spring we will not be operating our wells as we are on the verge of starting a construction project to improve water management capabilities for the future. Some of the work requires that our wetlands will need to remain dry.”

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