Massacre Rocks – May 2022

Just a few more birds

The Snake River and cliffs of Massacre Rocks


Barn swallows
_JLS3055 (2)

_JLS3062 (2)

A view
DSCN0198 (2)

Lark sparrow

_JLS3067 (3)

Black headed grosbeak
_JLS3107 (2)

A bridge with cliff swallows & their nests
DSCN0206 (2)


  1. Prairie falcon
  2. Gray flycatcher
  3. American goldfinches
  4. Swainson’s hawks
  5. Western kingbird
  6. Bullocks orioles
  7. American white pelicans
  8. Brewer’s sparrows
  9. Northern rough winged swallows
  10. Cliff swallows
  11. Canyon wren

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