Utah Lake State Park

Filling a spare hour by birding a local park

Great tailed grackle posing




Mallards sleeping on the edge of the parking lot

American robin

California quail
_JLS4299 (2)


_JLS4282 (3)


  1. Yellow headed blackbirds
  2. Red winged blackbirds
  3. Double crested cormorants
  4. Mourning doves
  5. Rock doves
  6. Canada geese
  7. Great tailed grackles
  8. Western grebe
  9. Clark’s grebes
  10. Franklin’s gulls
  11. California gulls
  12. Ring billed gulls
  13. Great blue herons
  14. Black chinned hummingbird
  15. Killdeer
  16. Mallards
  17. Western meadowlarks
  18. Bullock’s oriole
  19. American white pelicans
  20. California quail
  21. American robins
  22. House sparrows
  23. Savannah sparrows
  24. European starlings
  25. Barn swallows
  26. Forster’s terns
  27. Swainson’s thrush
  28. Turkey vultures
  29. Yellow warbler
  30. Wilson’s warblers
  31. Marsh wrens

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