Wildlife & Rocks 1

Vacation Day 2 pt 1

We slept in this morning planning on having a leisurely breakfast and then going off to a wildlife park. The sleeping in part wasn’t a problem, but the breakfast was. There were lines everywhere. It took us a while to realize that it was Father’s day and everyone was out having brunch. After checking for lines at three nearby restaurants we grabbed takeout from Taco Bell and headed north.

One of our first stops was at a the Valley of the Rogue State Park & Rest Area. They have taken their dead trees and turned them into art. It was a lovely place for a break and a walk. I even got to see an acorn woodpecker.





Acorn Woodpecker

We continued on to the Wildlife Images Rehabilitation Park which I’ll post photos of tomorrow. We then drove back to Medford and spent the rest of the day shopping. The best most fun shop was:
Dragon Crystals (Rock Shop)
107 W 1st St, Phoenix, OR



But we also stopped at a Barnes and Noble and a nearby Fred Meyer. Dinner at a fish place rounded out a wonderful day.

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