Art Festival in Idaho Falls

Art Festival in Idaho Falls (July 23, 2022)

Helen and I drove up to Idaho Falls in the morning to check out their art festival. I had driven by it a couple of years ago and thought I knew where they’d be setting up. I saw the tents along the river and so we found parking. Oops, apparently the Farmers Market has expanded and they now block the road for that event. There were crafts people and artists at this market so we walked through it then got back in the car and used our cell phones to find out that the festival was at the Snake River Landing which we eventually found. This festival had some amazing artists and I found it inspiring. Here are a few of my favorite artists:

Elise Wilding:


Living Stones

Opa Dutch Artist Paints:


Janky Junker: @jankyjunker

Metal Petals: @metalpetals08

We also took a walk by the river while waiting for our chosen restaurant (Snow Eagle Brewing & Grill ) to open.




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