Mud Lake on the way home from Missoula

A new access road to the Mud Lake location, I was super happy to find this.

Mixed flock of blackbirds


Mourning dove

Canada geese

Bald eagle

American white pelicans and Double crested cormorant
_JLS6357 (2)

Western grebe
_JLS6412 (2)

Great blue heron

American white pelicans

Western grebe

Western grebe with chick
I did not see the chick when I took the photo. I was so surprised when I pulled it up on my computer. I immediately made plans to go back to Mud Lake to see if I couldn’t get more photos
_JLS6493 (2)

Double crested cormorant
_JLS6507 (2)


Sleepy grebe

Grebe on the pond
DSCN1171 (2)

American coot juvenile

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