Yellowstone 5/7/22 dash cam Slow TV

Driving from the West Yellowstone Entrance to Old Faithful and back out
As some of you may know I have started a YouTube channel. I am not very good… yet. I want to share the amazing places I go in a more comprehensive way. You can listen to the road and my musings on this video or simply tune in to your favorite music and go along for the ride.

Table of Contents

  • Bison crossing in front of the car 56:58
  • Bison on road in front of the car 59:51
  • Bison running towards me on the road 1:33:57
  • Raven on car 2:24:27
  • More bison farther from road 2:54:12
  • Still more bison on road heading towards my car 2:59:46

Some of the strange sounds you hear from inside the car include me wrenching the GoPro mount attached to the driver’s side headrest into different positions, and swapping between my Sony and Nikon cameras, changing out batteries or SD cards, plugging in rechargers and all kinds of tech shuffling.

Selected still photos from this drive are viewable on my blog:
Yellowstone – May 7 2022 pt 1
Yellowstone – May 7 2022 pt 2
Image of the “FREAKING bear” mentioned at 1:41:40

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