Blog notes

Good morning,

My name is Jenny and I have set up this site and blog for myself and my friends to share our stories of birding and life with each other and anyone else who wants to join the party.

I live very much in the present, and as such keep detailed notes and journals in order to remember my past.  Ask me what I’ve done recently and I’ll usually answer nothing much.  Or maybe I’ll remember last weekend, which in this case is truly nothing much.  On the other hand.  This year I’ve attended four rodeos in three states, been to Yellowstone National Park three separate times, attended the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival, spent the larger part of two weeks birding my region with Melinda, visited Craters of the Moon, and on it goes.  I made that sentence by looking back at my journal.   But since I live in the moment, it’s all about what’s happening now.  So there you have it, my raison d’etre for this blog. What has happened, what is happening and what’s next…

Jenny Lynne

P.S. June 4, 2016: Mother Elk and her fawns with a White-tailed jackrabbit at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park.



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