Preparing for my Calgary Roadtrip

Rafe Jr, a hybrid Rav4



The initial plan is always much more grandiose than what I actually get done, but you never know…

Day 1. Pocatello to Missoula
Red Rock Lakes wildlife refuge

Day 2. Missoula to Kalispellcalgarytrip
The Garden of 1,000 Buddhas in Arlee
National Bison Range
Ninepipe National wildlife refuge
Pablo National wildlife refuge

Day 3. Kalispell to Golden BC
Fort Steel Heritage Town
Windermere Valley Museum & Archives, Invermere
Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, Golden
Golden Museum & District Historical Society
World’s Largest Hand Paddle / Oar, Parson BC
Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge, Golden

Day 4. Golden BC through Banff to Calgary BC
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff
Cascade Gardens Banff National Park
Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum, Banff
Bow River Sidewalk, Banff
Norquay Drive
Minnewanka Loop
Tunnel Mountain Drive
Lake Louise Visitor Centre

Day 5. Calgary and start of Library Conference
Depending on time available:
Calgary Zoo?
Fort Calgary?
Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary?

Day 6. Library Conference
Day 7. Library Conference

Day 8. Calgary to Helena the big driving day
Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, Lethbridge

Day 9. Helena to Pocatello *phew*
Day 10. sleeeeeep, unpack etc…

I’ve created a larger list that includes recommended restaurants and other options for ‘sights to see’. Hotel reservations are made. Maps arranged, books purchased. While I love the internet and my wonderful, magical iPhone. There’s nothing like the security of a physical map or a physical book.

It’s taken me many days/weeks to really prepare for this trip. Since I’m going solo I wanted to take care with hotel reservations, packing lists, maps, plans etc. There’s something comforting to me when I feel like I’m really ready. It reduces the fear of the unknown that can paralyze me on occasion. I know when people meet me or hear about what I go and do they don’t seen the effort it takes for me to get out there and do what I really want. There’s always the fight against lethargy, apathy, and fear. The fight is so worth it and it is easier every year. But I remember clearly my first solo road trip and those fears and anxieties are always ready to stage a hostile takeover of my brain if I let them.

Now to get packed and focus on all the great birds, mammals, art, history, scenery, foods, and life I’m going to enjoy on this 1704 mile trip!  WHOOO HOOO!!

Where you focus, there you go. Where’s your focus?

— Jenny

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