Red Rock Lakes Wildlife Refuge

Featured Image: Mountain bluebird. There were many, many, many bluebirds on this sunny day at the refuge.

Western meadowlark.

Wow what a drive! Grasslands, sagebrush, forest edge, lakes, all the way out in nowhere. This is an ideal stopover for wildlife. This is probably an amazing birding spot during the migration season. And if you’re a hiker this might be a place for you. There aren’t a lot of roads around the refuge. But it’s beautiful and has some of the largest red tailed hawks I’ve ever seen.

Mallard duckling

Mountain bluebird.

Apparently the University of Utah has a study program located near the refuge. The Taft-Nicholson Center whose mission is “to bridge the arts and humanities with the sciences.” They offer an artist in residence program for all of my artist friends.

One of the Taft-Nicholson buildings.


I stopped for lunch in Dell MT at the Calf-A. This diner is located in the old schoolhouse. It was in operation from 1903-1963. Awesome diner with lots of charm. For 8.50 I got a two cheese grilled ham & cheese with homemade fries. The guy next to me got a HUGE stack of roast beef in his sandwich. The homemade donuts tried to stare me down, but I was too full to succumb to their temptation.
Eventually I made it to Missoula.

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