On the road through Banff

Featured photo one of the grand mountains in Banff (Mount Rundle).


Another stunning mountain


Female Big Horn Sheep stopping traffic.

Drove from Golden to Calgary, another beautiful drive. I stopped at Lake Louise and then again at Banff. I was stunned by the numbers of people. Overwhelmed, and chased away. It’s hard for me to commune with nature when it’s overrun by thousands of other people. So I drove around, through the thick traffic and then got out of there and back on the road.


People Packed Park


Wolf at the Centre

Earlier in the morning I did go on some backroads near Golden. That was beautiful, and quiet. I stopped at the Northern Lights Wolf Centre. This small centre is staffed by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, and some gorgeous wolves.

The most common bird of this day was the raven.


Ravens in discussion


The sheen of black feathers

I’m staying in Calgary for the Pacific Northwest Library Association for then next few days. Then back on the road heading South for home.


One of the gorgeous wolves

– Jenny

Complete Flickr album of today

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