Historic Fort Steele

Featured photo is one of the reenactors crossing the grassy park.


Still another gorgeous drive. This time the highway ran through forests with mountains lining the way. I only made one real stop (excepting the pulling over for birds).


This stop was at historic Fort Steele. “Fort Steele is a living history museum. We bring our past back to life! Activities vary by season. Our summer season brings history to life with street theatre, museum displays, livestock demonstrations, live theatre shows, steam train rides, horse-drawn wagon rides, and heritage trades demonstrations. All with the backdrop of the spectacular Rocky and Purcell Mountains.” And it certainly lives up to it’s hype. While I spent almost two hours there, I did not get to do the wagon ride or the train. I MUST come back and do this. However I did wander the town and drink in the history. I’ve recently been reading books set during the turn of the century, and of course I’ve always loved westerns. This town really brings it to life.


Wagon rides behind gorgeous Clydesdale horses

These reenactors were having a great laughing time getting the bicycle moving. The one on the left works at the bakery and the bike/cart was loaded with baked goods for the store.


I was clearly obsessed with the Water Wheel. I saw it from the highway and knew I had to go get a picture. It wasn’t till I was up on the bench that I realized it was part of the Heritage Town. So if I wasn’t taking pictures of the Clydesdales I was taking pictures of the water wheel. For more information check out my flickr album.


This building reminds me of the former Saltair building that was on the banks of the Great Salt Lake


I pulled over at various spots to look for birds and take pictures. The scenery is so stunning.


— Jenny

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