Rodeo: Price UT

The featured photo is a closeup of a wonderful roping horse and one of our Idaho State University Team members. Below, I love the juxtaposition of horsepower old and new.  The big tractor helps keep the arena  in good, safe shape for the horses.

This was a muddy rodeo, Friday night it was soggy.  Saturday daytime, it was mud with a light crusting of dirt on top. Then the big rain happened and the Saturday night rodeo arena was one of ponds and mud.

Saturday Daytime Mud:

DSCN4528 DSCN4533 DSCN4568

Saturday Night Mud:

DSCN4730 DSCN4731 DSCN4775

I don’t know for sure what these guys were doing, but I think they were trying to stomp some of the crusty mud ridges out.


The cowboys and cowgirls were awesome and the horses were surefooted and agile. Such a great sense of humor and camaraderie. The announcer explained that one of the bronc riders was wearing a white shirt and when asked if that was a good idea, considering the mud the rider said he wasn’t going to land in the mud. What’s awesome is that he was right not only did he make his 8 second ride but he was able to dismount by jumping to a nearby fence. His boots did not touch that mud nor did his shirt.


The pickup men, guys on horses who help cowboys off the bucking stock if they make their 8 seconds, and who herd bulls and horses back out of the arena were also great. Though the cowboys stole the show. Another bronc rider made his 8 seconds and still on the horse he waved to the crowd as the pickup riders helped him dismount.

I LOVE that team-roping is no longer just a men’s event. And the women are certainly holding their own.


And of course, HORSES!!! DSCN4629

— Jenny

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