Art in Jackson WY


Lunch at The Bunnery
130 N Cache St

This is a fabulous restaurant with so many homemade breads, pastries and delicious food. If you decide to try it check out the hours, it is a breakfast/lunch place and closes at 3:00 p.m.



JC  Jewelers
132 N Cache St

Fine jewelry in a quaint location. We started our gallery adventure here, right next to the Bunnery.


The entry to Gaslight Alley where many intriguing stores can be found including:

Dan Shelley Jewelry
Gaslight Alley
Dan Shelley had many pieces I loved, and was inspired by, including turquoise inlaid moose necklaces, elk horn jewelry and Teton inspired bracelets.
Made (Handmade Repurposed Found)
125 North Cache
Gaslight Alley
This store included many handmade items from leatherbound journals to hand crocheted stuffed animals. Lots of wonderful things made by local artists.
Crazy Horse Jewelry
125 N Cache St
Gaslight Alley
So many gorgeous pieces of native american jewelry. I did buy myself a really nice pair of turquoise and silver earrings. I’ve been looking for a pair for almost 5 years. I needed to love them and they had to be something I could afford. Happy early birthday to me.
Mursells Pottery & Chocolates
125 N Cache St
Gaslight Alley
Mmmm, chocolates. But I was strong and abandoned the shop quickly. Great pottery too.
Jackson Hole Hat Company
45 W Deloney Ave
An astounding number of a variety of hats including cowboy, bowler and awesome steampunk top hats.
Teton Art Gallery
47 W Deloney Ave
This tiny gallery was almost overlooked but it is packed with art and jewelry
The Inseparable

David Brookover Gallery
125 North Cache
Jackson, WY 83001

IMAGE: “The Inseparable” by David Brookover
Photogravure print, Spain

The prints David Brookover creates are magic, luminescent, uplifting the sometimes mundane to new heights.  This gallery is part of Gaslight Alley.


Interior: Wild by Nature

Wild by Nature Gallery
95 W. Deloney Ave.
Jackson WY 83001
Great nature and wildlife photographer’s gallery. I ended up buying a few notecards. His Great Gray Owl photos are amazing.





And then we found a whole new set of galleries

Ponds Romance

IMAGE: “Ponds Romance”by Katherine McNeill Oil 36″x36” at the West Lives On Gallery

Once in a Blue Moose

IMAGE: “Once in a Blue Moose”by Karl Lansing Bronze edition of 15 at the West Lives On Gallery, one of Shanna’s favorites. In this picture it is hard to see the starry skies detailed on this moose.

Champayne in the Snow

IMAGE: “Champayne in the Snow” by Connie Frasca & Karen Halliday Mixed 84″ x 48″ at the West Lives on Gallery, another of Shanna’s favorites and again this photo doesn’t do it justice the mane is made of a single piece of wood polished and carved.

West Lives on Gallery 1 & 2
75 Glenwood St

And lastly my favorite – IMAGE: “Spirit Keeper” by Joe Velazquez Oil 36″ x 48″ at the West Lives on Gallery

Spirit Keeper

We stopped at many places…

Legacy Gallery
75 North Cache
Davies Reid (imports)
Wonderful imports of rugs, accessories, persian, indian. Also met a bernese/poodle dog. Awesome
Twenty Two Home
45 East Deloney
Interior decorating with many shades of gray, beige, and white in lots of textures
Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream
110 Center St,
Yummy huckleberry ice cream in a waffle cone
Long-Tailed Ducks

Astoria Fine Art
35 East Deloney

IMAGE: “Long-Tailed Ducks” by Ewoud De Groot Oil 55″ x 55″ at Astoria Fine Art Gallery

One of the things that is true of art galleries in Jackson is the predominance of the western and natural world theme.  And yes, there are many, many traditional pieces.  Yet the traditional is leavened with those that bring something new such as this Long-Tailed Ducks with the sparkling of the water effected in such beauty.

Fall Colors

Here’s another example of a traditional theme, birds in the fall imagined in a whole new modern way.

IMAGE: “Fall Colors” by Don Rambadt  Welded Bronze, Stainless Steel & Goldleaf 33″ x 32″ x 12″ at the Astoria Fine Art Gallery






A very thought provoking, whimsical exhibit of paintings featuring origami cranes

Angele Dei

IMAGE: “Angele Dei” by Todd Kosharek, Acrylic on Canvas 28″ x 20″ Exhibited in “Utopian Vision: The History Project” at the Altamira Fine Art Gallery


IMAGE: “Neutrality” by Todd Kosharek, Acrylic on Canvas 24″ x 16″ Exhibited in “Utopian Vision: The History Project” at the Altamira Fine Art Gallery

Altamira Fine Art
172 Center Street Suite 100




IMAGE: “Affettuoso” by Todd Kosharek, Acrylic on Canvas 48″ x 36″ Not part of the Utopian exhibit at the Altamira Fine Art Gallery

Great White

Wilcox II Gallery
165 Center St
By the time we got here I had feet that refused to go up or down stairs so I stayed at the main level of this large gallery.

IMAGE: “Great White” by Tim Whitworth, Papercast 25″ x 35″ at the Wilcox II Gallery

Winter View

Mountain Trails Gallery
155 North Center Street

IMAGE: “A Winter View” by Troy Collins, Oil 30″ x 60″ at the Mountain Trails Gallery



And lastly an amazing sculptor of birds.  Thank heavens temptation was offset by the price.

Barn Owl

IMAGE: “Barn Owl” by Bryce Pettit, Bronze at the Mountain Trails Gallery

Back at the car my feet were very unhappy, but the visual feast we had was fulfilling in so many ways.  We did drive out to the cloud covered Tetons and then back home stopping frequently for pictures (see previous blog post).

Next time, we need to find a decent, but cheap hotel so we can spend check out the other galleries

— Jenny

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