Ack it’s been a month

I have so many things to write about my trip to Texas, the Library Conference, the birding in Texas, Thanksgiving with my family, the drive home…  It’s quite overwhelming.  I will be getting those posts written and will probably back date them so they don’t end up all piled up on the same day.  But today is not that day.  I have a schedule that I maintain (except when I don’t) where I set aside 5 hours a week for writing.  Obviously that hasn’t happened in a month.  I have lots of good excuses, including but not limited to: post trip fatigue, work, work crazy, illness, holiday happenings, and of course the dog ate my homework.  I’m behind on everything (except maybe work).  I usually have my holiday decorations up by the first of December.  Today is the 13th and I’m still not finished.  Heck I didn’t even pull the boxes out until this past weekend.

I am excited for this holiday season.  I’m also looking forward to something I’ve never really done… winter birding.  The numbers of birds that remain in Idaho during the winter are much fewer, but I think it will be awesome to try.  I’m hoping that I can get some amazing photos with the white of the snow.  I’m new at this photography thing. Well, sortof.  I’ve always taken pictures to document my life and travels, but never with the eye to try and do anything artistic.

Recently, with the purchase of my new superzoom camera I’ve been finding that I really like taking pictures that not only document my experiences but are beautiful in and of themselves.  So now, I’m actually working on taking better pictures.  I find that my new camera has some limitations. It actually doesn’t seem to like the color blue.  I have a devil of a time getting it to focus on bluebirds.  And I LOVE bluebirds.  The camera (shoot I really need to name this camera, maybe Oscar)  anyway, the camera also likes to focus on things that are bright such as the willows in front of the moose instead of on the dark moose.

To  solve this I’m going to borrow a DSLR from my close friends to see if I can’t learn (yes even at my age it is possible) how to be a ‘Real’ photographer.  We’ll see how it goes.  Well, I’ve got to get to work.

— Jenny


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