My First Calendar

I was talking to Mom over the Thanksgiving break. She’s sometimes hard to find a good Christmas present for.  I had been thinking of printing out one of my bird photos onto canvas for her to hang on the wall, but her house is full of art already.  It took Melinda, Mom, Jessica and I together to come up with the idea of taking some of my bird photos and creating a calendar.

Jessica suggested using and as luck would have it upon my return to Idaho they had a sale on all of their offerings.  It was a pretty straightforward process to create the calendar once the photos were selected.  However it was very hard to narrow things down to 12 photos.  I selected about 70 of this years crop, loaded them onto Google drive and sent the link to some close friends/family for voting.  In the end I ended up using 18 photos, one for the cover and several small ones as collage sets.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a lot of fun to put together, and I got to reminisce about all of my great trips with so many wonderful friends/family, that in itself was the best part for me.  I now have a mission to get out and do more winter birding to improve the winter image options for next year’s Christmas gift to my mom.

— Jenny



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