Daytrip to Island Park

Shanna, John, Bill and I left Pocatello around 9:30 in the morning (Thursday Dec 29) to spend the day taking pictures and enjoying the winter beauty of Idaho in general and Island Park ID in particular.  It really was a spectacular drive.

Frosted trees along I15DSCN6001

The Grand Tetons viewed from St Anthony DSCN6009

A cute little park in St AnthonyDSCN6015

More water at the park DSCN6018

I thought about trying to use the Mesa Falls Loop, most times it is closed by snow, but maybe…  We drove a ways out from Ashton towards the loop and found three antelope hiding behind these huge haystacks eating hay.  We spooked them and they ran off, sortof.DSCN6037

They didn’t go very far, but kept an eye on us hoping we’d leave.  When we did, they scampered back to the windbreak and all you can eat buffet of hay stacks. DSCN6041

The drive up the Ashton hill into Island Park was magical.  DSCN6049

Trees were loaded with snow.  In some cases they were overloaded and broken or damaged by the weight. Sometimes the tree would manage to spring back and snow would poof out in a mini avalanche with fairy snow dusting into the air.DSCN6057

Shanna spotted this fence where snow of more than 24″ balancedDSCN6065

Henry’s Fork is wide and shallow and the water was hosting a large number of Trumpeter swans, mallards, goldeneyes, Canada geese, and other waterfowl.DSCN6069

Adult and juvenile Trumpeter swans DSCN6075

There were so many, many swans.

We stopped for a late lunch at the Pines ( where John’s friend works.  It was awesome. By then I needed hot chocolate.  In my quest for decent photos I got out of the car and walked on, and then through some snow.  The walking was interspersed with pratfalls.  Nothing like soft snow  up to your knees to ease your landing. It was quite funny. At least I thought so.  My hands got cold and my pride took a hit but I did get some good pictures so HA!

More swans, geese, and ducks on the riverDSCN6084

It seemed like every Trumpeter swan was accompanied by at least one duck.DSCN6099

I loved this swan’s foot.  An imperfect picture for the end of this post. I wish I’d gotten a more focused shot.  I really am such an amateur. I take a lot of pictures and some of them end up being great.  Perhaps I’ll take a class. At the very least I’m going to talk more to the photography experts in my family on how to improve. DSCN6102

I’m sad that while we got to see two Bald Eagles, I never got one to stop and pose. Still, it was a lovely trip — Jenny

One thought on “Daytrip to Island Park

  1. This brings many years memories flooding back! We had been married only a short time and began trips to Island Park. Oh the beautiful memories! This collection (as well as your many others) have brought so much joy!


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