New Years Eve – Menan

I went to Menan ID early in the morning on Jan 31st 2016. My aunt Susan has a dome home overlooking the Snake river. She has a wide variety of birds at her feeders and today was no exception. They flew off when I went out, but were quick to come back as soon as I settled down and held still. This was a gorgeous morning.


American goldfinch and one of the many dark eyed juncos. DSCN6181

American goldfinch waiting for a chance at the bird seed.

Adorable little Black capped chickadee at the feeder. This was his one chance. Usually a very large Cassin’s finch chased him away. DSCN6191

Eurasian collared dove and House finch DSCN6230

Black billed magpie and the view from Susan’s front porch. DSCN6261

Another view from Susan’s front porch

Winter tree decorated in little birds, mostly finches. This is a tree by our old Cliffdome home in Menan ( DSCN6277

Downy woodpecker, this little guy was swooping along the ditch line and landed in the weeds. I don’t know what he was eating but he loved this patch of sticks.DSCN6321

Birdlist for the day:

  • Black billed magpies
  • Starlings
  • House sparrows
  • American goldfinches
  • Dark eyed juncos
  • Black capped chickadees
  • House finches
  • Cassins finches
  • Eurasian collared doves
  • American robins
  • Downey woodpecker
  • Bald eagles
  • Rock doves
  • American crows

— Jenny

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