Bird Academy: Duck & Waterfowl

Cornell offers several fabulous online courses to help you be a better birder. The cost for the Duck & Waterfowl course is $49.00 some of the classes cost more, some less. All of the funds help support the work of the people behind this wonderful site.  For access, go here:


I’ve taken the Duck & Waterfowl class not just once but several times.  I remember more each time. The course itself consists of video lectures varying in length from 30-45 minutes. Each lecture is followed by several games and/or quizzes to help you learn.  I like to go through this in the spring just before my big birding season begins.  I need a refresher every year.  The course has been available for at least two years and I’ve only had to pay once for this perpetual access.  There are three physical guides you can buy to support this identifying methodology. Definitely worth watching/reading.  To buy just the guides ($24.00)  go to:

— Jenny

P.S. No new birding or other adventures since I sprained my knee three weeks ago. I’m mobile again and starting to plan.  I think another trip to Menan might be in order, and then there are the Ashton Sled Dog Races over President’s day.

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