Idaho Falls to American Falls – Feb 2017

I had to go to Idaho Falls for an appointment and had the afternoon free. My first thought was to go shopping. I have been thinking of collecting more books on art and design and they have some decent used book stores. Also they have more thrift and antique stores and I’ve got silverware, serving dishes, rugs, art and other items on my big wish list. On the other hand, I am trying not to spend any money on shopping for the month of February. The other choice I had thought of was to drive home quickly and spend the day writing on my next paper.

Black Capped Chickadee

In the end I decided to try to find birding spots between Idaho Falls and Pocatello. I’ve now found a couple of good ones in Shelley, and re-located some around the back side of American Falls. It was a lovely day, overcast, windy, with scattered rain. But a warm and melty 42 degrees Fahrenheit. I saw:

Red Tailed Hawk
Great Blue Heron

R doves
EC doves
BB magpies
A crows
C goldeneyes
A wigeons
Canada geese
Trumpeter swans
A robins
E starlings
Black capped chickadees
House sparrows
A kestrels
Prairie falcon
Red tailed hawks
Bald eagle
Great blue herons
Ring necked pheasants
White crowned sparrows

Horned Lark

Lots and lots of ducks were flying in the distance but I was unable to see anything but the dark shadows they made in the sky.

— Jenny

One thought on “Idaho Falls to American Falls – Feb 2017

  1. Another wonderful birding trip! Oh thank you, Jenny! These posts are the best!❤️❤️‼

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