College Rodeo – Heber City UT

Took Friday off and headed towards Heber City for the first College rodeo of the season. I left early in order to visit the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge ( . This refuge is huge, and has a lovely auto tour loop. I knew water levels in Idaho were high, but I was unprepared to find the refuge closed. The visitor center was open and I took a few photos off the landing.

Starlings and Red winged blackbirds

swiss alps inn
I was prepared for Heber City, I had mapped out a some birding locations such as the Jordanelle wetlands. I had not taken into account the snow still piled up in the highlands of Utah, so birding was thwarted again. I checked into my charming motel the Swiss Alps Inn

Saturday began with Slack. A college rodeo has three parts a Friday night performance followed by the barrel racing slack, a Saturday morning slack and a Saturday night performance. The Friday night performance/slack and the Saturday slack allow every member of each of the college’s student athletes to have a go at their event. The top ten for each event then compete in the Saturday night final performance. Some events such as barrel racing can have many, many contestants, at Heber city there were 55. Making the need for slack pretty obvious. DSCN6675
new chairsAfter slack, since I couldn’t go birding I went to a couple of thrift stores. At one, I found the most gorgeous wood and leather chairs. I only noticed one. I wanted it. Then I realized there were actually 7. What to do… Well, I’ve been using the cheapest of cheap chairs in my kitchen for my whole life. I bought all 7. Next, how to fit them in my Rav4. I called Jessica thinking I might have to take 3 chairs to her house and then come back to load the other 4. But, the woman at the store is a tetris ninja, she managed to get them all into my car.

The final rodeo was awesome. I am getting very frustrated with my camera’s inability to take a decent photo. It just doesn’t have the sensitivity or shutter speed I need.
Sunday, I woke up early 5:30 a.m. and recognizing that the weather was going to turn ugly not only in Utah but in Idaho I drove home. I was in Pocatello by 10:00 a.m.

— Jenny

American crows
Common ravens
Rock doves
Black billed magpies
Rough legged hawks
Red tailed hawk
E. starlings
House sparrows
Red winged blackbirds
Canada geese

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