College Rodeo – Ogden UT

RODEO March 24-25 Weber State University
Friday afternoon I drove to Brigham City and checked into my hotel. I chose Brigham City because it is Bear River Migratory Bird refuge adjacent.  The waters had receded and it was finally open.  But before birds I had a rodeo to shoot with my new camera.   I sat on the front row and took many many picture. I was shooting in auto mode and am thrilled with the results. Finally horses frozen in motion.
JLS00498 Horses nuzzling

JLS00935Katie flying on horseback

Saturday morning I thought I’d get going for early morning birding but the sky falling deluge and the desire for more sleep kept me in bed. I made it in time for slack (the rodeo where all contestant who were unable to compete on Friday night get their chance).  I then drove through the rain to Pictureline a photography store in Salt Lake City.

I wanted to look at and try a bigger lens, but they didn’t have one in stock. I was able to get an adaptor for my doubling add-on lens, an extra battery and recharger, and another memory card along with some good advice. I still want to checkout and probably buy the Canon 200-400mm lens, just not yet. I also wanted to ship off my superzoom to get the screen display fixed. It stopped working months ago.  However as soon as I turned it on there it started working. ☹️

I was more adept at getting pictures on Saturday night, though keeping the whole horse and rider in frame and focus is still a challenge.

JLS01940 Preparing for roping

JLS02071Short stopping

I was able to go birding on Sunday morning, but that’s another post.  – Jenny

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