Bear River Refuge in March

I drove to the refuge because the rain had stopped. There was water over the road in one spot, like a puddle. If I had been driving something more low to the ground I wouldn’t have chanced it. I got really lucky and the refuge was open, they closed it again the next day.

Something was shiny and moving in a field. Binocs showed that it was a fish. He probably got to the field when the water was high. Poor fishy. The super zoom caught the scales of the fish the Sony, not a bit.


Raven’s using Nikon superzoom

However, the superzoom can’t really get clear photos of moving subjects. And the Sony really can. I really need to get the bigger lens.

Gull on the wing:

Long billed curlew:

Pelican’s on the wing

Tree Swallows

Avocets with new camera

Avocets with old camera

I haven’t yet tried to crop the Sony image to zoom in. I have a feeling that would be interesting, and similar and possibly better than the superzoom.

Bird list:

  • northern harriers
  • red tailed hawk
  • american kestrel
  • red winged blackbirds
  • yellow headed blackbirds
  • starlings
  • house sparrows
  • vesper sparrows
  • killdeer
  • american avocets
  • great blue herons
  • sandhill cranes
  • coots
  • mallards
  • cinnamon teals
  • northern pintails
  • ruddy ducks
  • gadwalls
  • american wigeons
  • eared grebes
  • clark’s grebes
  • western grebes
  • trumpeter swans
  • canada geese
  • double crested cormorant
  • marsh wren
  • tree swallows
  • cliff swallows
  • robins
  • crows
  • ravens
  • magpies
  • western meadowlark
  • long billed curlew
  • california gull
  • american  white pelican

— Jenny

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