CNFR Day 2 – Thursday

Thursday was an all rodeo kind of day. Well, maybe not the whole day. I started off by uploading photos to flickr then did a bit of shopping at the local thrift stores where I found fabric for costuming and a lovely pair of copper chafing dishes. Then back to the rodeo…

Four of the ISU six member contingent plus coach.  From left to right: Coach Kiara, Baily, Remi, Taylor, and Darcey. JLS02645b
I like how this photo implies prayer but is probably just texting.

Opening ceremonies
JLS01681 Tie down roping JLS01849

Team roping
JLS02251 Barrel racing JLS02438

And last but not least, my favorite sequence: The frisky bull
JLS02502 JLS02508

JLS02509 JLS02517

One of the things that I loved about this rodeo was how quickly and smoothly everything went. But there was one thing that was very difficult.  The events center has stadium seating (some of the best chairs around for this kind of venue). But you enter the stadium at a fairly high level, maybe not quite the top, but seriously high. And so if your seat is in the front as mine was, you got to go down (and eventually back up) almost 100 stairs.  Ready for the kicker?  No handrails.  Eyup, that’s what I’m saying.  All the way down with my balance issues and no handrails.  ARGH!  Every night I had to face this peril. Up, while a bit strenuous wasn’t a problem.  Sadly I wasn’t the only one who faced this issue. One of the old cowboys near me and to bend over and hold onto seatbacks while stepping sideways down to his seat.  I actually wrote to the events center and complained.  Here’s hoping that they will have some kind of solution for next year.

— Jenny

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