CNFR Day 4 – Saturday

This is one fancy arena:

JLS04548 I think I liked the horse running free as part of the opening ceremonies the best, though this was very cool too. JLS04560

I spent some of yesterday and another part of this day working on the settings and usage of my camera. I really like that I am getting better at this. At least I hope I am.

Breakaway roping
JLS04841 “Duality” One of these horses is a highly trained working horse and the other is a wild bucking horse. JLS04920

Team roping
JLS05182 “Patience” JLS04934

Goat Roping
JLS05066 “Flying” aka Barrel Racing JLS05355

And a last frisky bull sequence
JLS05561 JLS05570

JLS05608 JLS05615

Saturday was a very long day. It began with the Special Olympics rodeo, then segued into the Lunch/Fashion Show/Fundraiser/Auction, and finally the Final Rodeo of the week. I had so much fun! — Jenny

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