Photography outing 2 & 3

8/20/2017 I ended up taking two different (and both shorter) photography trips today. The first one early in the morning with John, Bill, and Shanna, and the second with Regina, Katrina, and Bill.

Adorable least chipmunk

Shanna spotted this little guy scampering on the rocks.JLS07460

River and bridge

Nature stacked this basalt JLS07518


Fence post JLS07580

South fork of the Snake River

More basalt sculptures by Mother NatureJLS07514

We were always looking for birds. Particularly when Regina & Katrina were in the car.  Sadly, there were so many people I think we scared off many of the birds, and it was a warm weekend.

Birds of the eclipse weekend

Great blue herons
Peregrine falcon
American white pelicans
American goldfinch
Cedar waxwings
Rock doves
Mourning doves
Wilson’s warblers
Yellow warblers
Western bluebirds
Red tailed hawks
Swainson’s hawks
Brewer’s blackbirds

— Jenny

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