Photography outing

8/19/2017 There we are with our camp all set up for the Eclipse.  In a stunning location  near the south fork of the Snake River and the Caribou-Targhee national forest.  So with sunset still 3 hours away Raven, Bill, and I load up in my car to go exploring and take a few pictures.  It was a gorgeous drive.

One of the many people climbing the cliffs
JLS07116 Obsidian embeded in matrix JLS07126

Kelly Canyon Ski Lifts



Sky JLS07137

A few photos from road not to be taken, ever, ever, again, though it did get us some wonderful photographs…  Perhaps I need to buy a 4 wheeler.


Thistle with beesJLS07160b.jpg

Thistle seed headJLS07157Quaking aspen with Mountain ash berries JLS07167

After an insane multi point turn-around we got back to the better gravel roads. Where more gorgeous scenery awaited us.


Creek JLS07233

Petroglyphs by mother nature

It looks like a mesa but it’s really the edge of a set of cliffs. The Snake River flows along in front of that cliff.JLS07320

Lots of people were out camping in the forest and someone had brought their llamas.  This one is just so adorable.

Sunset with birds JLS07410

Sunset on the river

American white pelican and Great blue heron JLS07450b.jpg

We really did spend almost 3 hours taking pictures and driving around the back roads.  I only put a few of the pictures from my Flickr Album ( on this blog post.

— Jenny

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