Camping for the Eclipse

My friends from California (Bruce, Raven, Ellen) found a campsite for us to watch the Eclipse almost a year ago.  It really was an wonderful choice.  Aspen Grove Inn near Heise hot springs just outside of Ririe ID.  Some of us got there on Saturday, with others showing up throughout the day on Sunday.   There was lots of good food, conversations, entertainment, etc…  Quite overwhelming really.

One of the things I really love about camping is the ‘set decorating’ aspects.  Shanna and I borrowed a tent from John and Bill.  My tent is too small to accommodate two monster cots.  And it doesn’t have a screen ceiling either.  Shanna and I left the rain fly off the tent so that we could watch the stars at night, that decision was AWESOME.

Butterfly on the screen ceiling of our tent
JLS07102 Shanna’s bed consisting of a cot with an air mattress on top , and velvet & fake fur beddingJLS07105

My bed consisting of a cot and layers of foam with cottton and fake fur bedding. The green wool in the picture is my camping cape.

The tent on the left is the one I borrowed, the tent on the right is my tent that I lent to my friend Regina.JLS07667

We got to have a fire!!!

I did a little birding on Sunday morning spotting Cedar waxwings and American goldfinches in the nearby trees. This strange fencing was along one edge of the  property.JLS07452

Watermelon staying cool in the pond by our encampment

The eclipse was amazing. I loved watching the sun turn into a crescent. What I was not expecting was the overwhelming emotional response to the flash and darkness of a total lunar eclipse.  It really was indescribable.  I’m already planning on going to the 2024 eclipse over the USA, and if I have the means…

Eclipse shadows  JLS07677

Eclipse shadows on the grass

I don’t know how I got this photo, but I”m quite taken with it.  I might need to crop it or and/or adjust the histogram before printing it.

Raven, Bill, Katrina, John, Shanna JLS07719

Eclipse shadows on concrete

— Jenny

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