Birding Lake Coeur d’Alene

8/7/2017 today we stuck close to Coeur d’Alene and began our day at the North Idaho College campus which has a wonderful walking/running trail alongside the lake.  Here was a tree full of nuthatches and a lake full of ring billed gulls.  Okay, so not a lot of bird species but I haven’t seen pygmy nuthatches in years and years, so WHOO HOOO!  Plus it was a gorgeous morning with a beautiful lake.

Canada geese
JLS07017 Bathing beauty… Ring billed gull JLS07028

JLS07039 JLS07063

After the college we explored and drove around the eastern edge of the lake where we saw more birds. Sadly the mountains were not visible because of the smoke from nearby forest fires. I think the smoke and the heat (it was in the upper 90s) kept most of the birds tucked into their hidey holes.

Great blue herons
JLS07083 Osprey JLS07093


  1. Mallards
  2. Manky mallards
  3. Canada geese
  4. Domestic geese
  5. Ring billed gulls
  6. Mountain chickadees
  7. Pygmy nuthatches
  8. Osprey
  9. Double crested cormorants
  10. American crows
  11. California gulls
  12. Rock doves
  13. Ravens
  14. Barn swallows
  15. American robins
  16. Great blue herons
  17. Belted kingfisher
  18. Black capped chickadees
  19. Ruddy ducks
  20. Townsend’s solitaire

I really enjoyed the driving, looking, searching, talking, laughing, and Pygmy Nuthatches!!!

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