Birding Turnbull NWR

8/6/2017 Arlene knew of a wildlife refuge nearby.  In my search for places to bird I hadn’t even thought about crossing the border into Washington.  I’m really glad she knew of the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, because it was AMAZING.

As we approached the refuge we drove over this bridge with ponds on both sides.  Realizing that there were many birds we backed up (okay, really I just turned the car around and drove back) and parked so we could get out and really look.

One side of the bridge

One of the oh so many Eastern kingbirds. He’s perched on the smaller rock JLS06932

Valley garter snake
Mourning dove
Least chipmunk



Most of the birds were of the flitty kind. You know, the ones who hide in trees and move too fast to even see with binoculars.  Others were far away or on the other side of the car, so I wasn’t able to photograph as many as I would like.

We went through the refuge twice, each time it took about three hours.  We saw different species each time, though the Eastern kingbirds were omnipresent.

Birds of the Day:

  1. Mourning doves
  2. EC doves
  3. Rock doves
  4. Osprey
  5. Cinnamon teals
  6. Green winged teal
  7. Mallards
  8. American coots
  9. Brown headed cowbirds
  10. Brewer’s blackbirds
  11. Rufous hummingbird
  12. Eastern kingbirds
  13. Killdeer
  14. Cliff swallows
  15. California quails
  16. Northern flicker (red shafted)
  17. Blue winged teal
  18. House wrens
  19. American crows
  20. Willow flycatchers
  21. White crowned sparrows
  22. Black billed magpies
  23. Black capped chickadee
  24. Red naped sapsucker
  25. Downey woodpecker
  26. Wilson’s phalarope
  27. Pied billed grebes
  28. Western bluebirds
  29. Chipping sparrows
  30. Cedar waxwings
  31. American robins
  32. Red tailed hawk
  33. Western wood peewee
  34. Red winged blackbird
  35. Trumpeter swans
  36. White breasted nuthatch
  37. Wild turkey
  38. Vesper sparrows
  39. Western tanagers
  40. Grasshopper sparrows
  41. Gadwalls
  42. Common ravens
  43. Gray catbird
  44. Canada geese
  45. Mountain bluebird
  46. Northern pintail
  47. Starlings

— Jenny

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