Birding North of Coeur d’Alene

8/5/2017 Arlene’s parents live in Post Falls so it was very convenient to meet up there after my conference and go a birding.  On our first adventure we drove around Hayden Lake, Farragut state park, Round Lake, and environs.

Shaded creek

Osprey JLS06822

Mystery flower
Fairy bells
Oregon grape













An always cheerful, ready to pose and/or scamper least chipmunk


Interesting restriction JLS06844

Another osprey

White tailed deer JLS06878

The number of bird species sighted wasn’t nearly as interesting as the birds we actually saw.  Tons of osprey, but also the shy brown creeper and elusive hermit thrush.

  1. Mountain chickadee
  2. Dark eyed juncos
  3. Osprey
  4. Chipping sparrows
  5. Empidonax flycatchers
  6. Gray catbird
  7. Barn swallows
  8. REd tailed hawks
  9. Yellow warbler
  10. Mallards
  11. Cedar waxwings
  12. Red breasted merganser
  13. Wild turkeys
  14. Turkey vultures
  15. Red breasted nuthatch (heard)
  16. California quail
  17. Brown creeper
  18. American crows
  19. Hermit thrush

— Jenny

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