Post Falls for PNLA

The Pacific Northwest Library Association conference was held at Post Falls this year, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend.  This conference usually has really interesting speakers. It isn’t a huge conference so you can get to know people and do some real networking too.  It also takes place in some gorgeous places such as Calgary last year and Post Falls this year.  Even though I spent the day in conference sessions, I was able to use the mornings for a bit of photography.

Not mist, but smoke
JLS06691 Osprey with fish JLS06730

Geese, Canada and Domestic

Marvels of a mallard:

Confusion of reflections JLS06749

JLS06751 Forward motion JLS06753

Color matching


Laughing duck
JLS06765 Mirror mirror JLS06763

Mallard gliding through paint JLS06773



— Jenny

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