Time Travel: June 20 2016

Melinda and I birded our way around Grays Lake in June and got to see many wonderful things including a very scruffy red fox, a running carpet that turned out to be a badger and lots of birds.


1 Uinta ground squirrel
2 Least chipmunks
3 Red foxes
4 Badger
5 Cotton tail bunny
6 Elk

Red fox


1 American coots
2 American kestrels
3 American robins
4 American crows
5 American white pelicans
6 Bank swallows
7 Barn swallows
8 Black billed magpies
9 Belted kingfisher
10 Brewers blackbirds

Peregrine falcon

11 Canada geese
12 Cinnamon teals
13 Cliff swallows
14 Common ravens
15 Franklins gulls
16 Gadwalls
17 Grasshopper sparrow
18 Great blue heron
19 Killdeer
20 Long billed curlews

Sandhill cranes

21 Mountain bluebirds
22 Mourning doves
23 Northern harriers
24 Northern shovelers
25 Peregrine falcon
26 Red winged blackbirds
27 Rock doves
28 Red tailed hawks
29 Sagebrush sparrows
30 Sandhill cranes

Short eared owl

31 Short eared owl
32 Snowy egrets
33 Tree swallows
34 Trumpeter swans
35 Turkey vultures
36 Vesper sparrow
37 Western grebes
38 Western meadowlarks
39 White faced ibis
40 Willets
41 Yellow headed blackbirds

— Jenny

One thought on “Time Travel: June 20 2016

  1. Honey, I went through Instagram this morning and I am touched by the beauty of all your pictures! These too!! You really have a most beautiful gift, a fine eye and a talent that is most remarkable! Dearest Jenny, I love you with all my heart!

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