Logan Rodeo

September 29 & 30

The drive down was deceptively lovely, warm, and sunny.

Beautiful Logan Fairgrounds

I love this photo.  The person on the left is one of the pickup men who assist riders from their bucking horse/bull.  The person on the left is one of the competitors. But what I like the most is the face of the horse coming up from behind. It’s the steed of another pickup man. JLS09988

Rescue 2
JLS09981 Another rescue JLS00358

JLS00366 Dismount JLS00434

Occasionally scary things happen at a rodeo.  Most of the time both human and animal are uninjured.  If there is an injury it is usually to the human.  These are tough student athletes.  I cannot remember off the top of my head but injury to the animal is a tiny percentage of all injuries.  Even the injury to the humans has been reduced since back in the day when I was a kid watching rodeos.  Helmets, protective vests, mouth guards, and other protective gear are commonly used.

No injury other than bruises from this fall. Practically scared me to death when it happened.
JLS00471 Get the goat JLS00619

I LOVED that barrel racing slack was held on Saturday morning.  This meant that I finally had decent lighting and was able to get a lot of great photos.  If you want to see more of the team you’ll have to check out their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ISURodeoTeam/

I promise to explain Slack and more about college rodeo in future posts.

Barrel racing
JLS01316 Barrel racing horse frisky JLS01641

Barrel racing 02
JLS01660 Successful breakaway roping JLS01994

Breakaway roping
JLS02620 Steer wrestling JLS02106

Steer wrestling 2

I really like how the photo below shows movement except from this lovely goat. To protect the goat it is only tied three times and then another goat is brought in.

Clearly a goat


And roped
JLS02394 Beautiful hair JLS00287

Tie down roping
JLS02768 Behind the scenes JLS02793

JLS02800 03 JLS02801


“But I don’t want to leave the arena”  This horse led the pickup men on a merry chase, around and around the arena it went. And just when they thought they had it heading out it reared and scampered back into the arena.  Awesome, gorgeous horse.  JLS02935

Duck and cover, no injury as you can kind of see, the horse is actually to the left of the downed rider.
JLS03162 No one calls off a rodeo on account of a little rain JLS03177

Friday night it was cold, I had a wool blanket, sweater, and coat and was still cold.  On Saturday afternoon I went out and bought some long underwear.  Thank heavens I did because Saturday night’s rodeo wasn’t only raining but much colder.  Luckily the grandstand had a covered section so I was able to stay dry, though I couldn’t move closer to get better photos.  This one was taken from my seat in the stands.  One more rodeo and then the fall season is over.  – Jenny


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