Oct 1 2017: Back at Bear River Refuge

Logan is only 30 minutes away from the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. I went to bed early and then was out of the hotel by 7:00 a.m. This time I was not going to miss the early morning light.  I spent almost 4 hours at the refuge, it was a gorgeous day.

Morning grebes
DSCN7955 Ring necked pheasants JLS03415

Snowy egret
JLS03420 Red winged blackbirds with cliff swallow nests JLS03419

Avocets in eclpse plumage
JLS03432 Avocets 2 JLS03436

Avocets and Northern shovelers
JLS03443 White faced ibis in flight JLS03479

White faced ibis landing
JLS03487 White faced ibis duo JLS03497

JLS03501b White faced ibis reflection JLS03510

American white pelican
JLS03527 Great blue heron JLS03558

Grebe with fishies
JLS03562 Blue pond of coots JLS03566

Pelican takeoff with coots scrambling to get out of the way.

The full sequence of this Pelican’s takeoff can be found on my Flickr account.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/jsemenza/albums/72157687439595914

Not quite airborn, again.   JLS03602

Up at last

I  am so happy with the photos this camera can take.  I’m also pleased that all the rodeo photography has improved my reaction time, to grab the camera and get the subject in the viewfinder.  Catching a tern on the wing … I didn’t think I had a chance.

Forster’s tern JLS03643

Forster’s tern diving
JLS03647 A scamper of ducks JLS03659

A flight of pelicans
JLS03676 Autumn raven JLS03703

Swarming barn swallows

A flock, okay very small flock of about 5 vesper sparrows were very kind to me and posed at the side of the road near my car.

Vesper sparrow JLS03747

JLS03763 03 JLS03768

04, and lucky to get this photo at all
JLS03782 Ravens and blue sky JLS03803

A lovely birding morning.  I’ll add my bird list later.  I’m heading off for Spanish Fork and my next adventure shortly. — Jenny

It’s later (Oct 19th to be exact) Here’s my bird list:

1 Sandhill cranes
2 Red winged blackbirds
3 Ring necked pheasants
4 California gulls
5 Killdeer
6 Western meadowlarks
7 Common ravens
8 Forster’s terns
9 Snowy egrets
10 Mallards
11 White faced ibis
12 Great blue herons
13 Northern harriers
14 American avocets
15 Northern shovelers
16 American white pelicans
17 American coots
18 Common grebes
19 Western grebes
20 Pied billed grebes
21 Vesper sparrows


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