Spanish Fork Rodeo

This was another chilly rodeo in the evening though the daytime slack was lovely.  A full moon made an appearance through the clouds on the first night.  Jessica brought Joey & Rachel by during slack and we got to hang out and watch a lot of roping.  This is the last rodeo of the season.  More to come in the spring, though I am planning on doing some rodeo explanatory blog posts too.

Moonrise over the arena

Pickup men with bucking horse
_JLS4175 Classic bucking horse pose _JLS4259

The heel shot in team roping
_JLS4468 Horse mad _JLS4594

Gorgeous bull ride
_JLS4599 Sorry it’s so blurry, but look at the height this bull has achieved. _JLS4680

A new definition of hang time
_JLS4682 Breakaway roping _JLS5457


Moon 2 _JLS4525

— Jenny

2 thoughts on “Spanish Fork Rodeo

  1. I love the feeling of setting in the stands, smells, the different people and the ways; the whole culture and how life is and the respect. There is a respect that you don’t find in any sport any place that I am aware of seeing. The age is interesting too, how the young people learn from the ones that are the examples; they want to succeed. And the way they treat their animals as well. it is an amazing way of life. I love it.


  2. Thanks, and exactly. The welfare of the animals is paramount. At one rodeo a bucking horse got stuck (moving between corrals/gates before the rider was on him) and the rodeo waited for almost 30 minutes till it was free. In the end the horse was fine, the fencing wasn’t. You’re also right about the audience/culture. For college rodeo the fans are usually family and friends.


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