Time Travel: June 18 & 19 2016

Birding with Melinda in Idaho: Wolverine Canyon, Scout Mountain, and Hawkins Reservoir and many farmlands in between. This was so much fun. We practiced birding by ear a lot and I tried to take pictures of the many, many, mountain bluebirds, non successfully.  The failure of this camera to take pictures of bluebirds was one of the reasons I bought a new camera the following March.

Western Meadowlark
DSCN1636 Indian Paintbrush DSCN1706

American Goldfinch
DSCN1693 Gray Catbird (the picture isn’t the best, but I love how he’s sorta photobombing it on near the bottom left.) DSCN1688

Wild roses

— Jenny

Melinda and I identified a lot of species on these two days:

  1. American Coots
  2. American Crows
  3. American Goldfinches
  4. American Kestrels
  5. American Robins
  6. American Robins
  7. American White Pelicans
  8. Bank Swallows
  9. Barn Swallows
  10. Black Billed Magpies
  11. Black Capped Chickadee
  12. Black Headed Grosbeaks
  13. Brewers Blackbirds
  14. Brewers Sparrow
  15. Brown Headed Cowbirds
  16. California Gulls
  17. California Quail
  18. Canada Geese
  19. Cedar Waxwings
  20. Cliff Swallows
  21. Common Nighthawk
  22. Common Raven
  23. Double Crested Cormorants
  24. Dusky Flycatcher
  25. Eastern Kingbirds
  26. Euarasian Collarded-Dove
  27. Franklins Gulls
  28. Gray Catbird
  29. Horned Larks
  30. House Sparrows
  31. House Wrens
  32. Killdeer
  33. Lesser Goldfinch
  34. Macgilivray’s Warbler
  35. Mallards
  36. Mountain Bluebirds
  37. Mourning Doves
  38. Northern Flickers
  39. Northern Rough Winged Swallows
  40. Orange Crowned Warblers
  41. Prairie Falcon
  42. Red Tailed Hawks
  43. Red Winged Blackbird
  44. Ring-Necked Pheasant
  45. Rock Doves
  46. Sagebrush Sparrows
  47. Turkey Vultures
  48. Warbling Vireo
  49. Western Bluebirds
  50. Western Kingbirds
  51. Western Meadowlarks
  52. Western Tanagers
  53. Willow Flycatchers
  54. Yellow Rumped Warblers
  55. Yellow Warblers

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