Time Travel: June 16, 2016

Another adventure with Melinda. Out to Rockland, up Big Canyon, down Knox Canyon, through Arbon Valley, over to Pocatello via Old Bannock County Hwy. Then a small trip down past Arimo. This time the bird photos did not happen because all of the birds were tiny and fast.

Abandoned 1
DSCN1623 Abandoned 2 DSCN1620

A view
DSCN1595 A watering tank DSCN1599

— Jenny

Mammals & Birds
Least chipmunk
Long tailed weasels!!!

American crows
American kestrel
American robins
American goldfinches
Bank swallows
Barn swallows
Black billed magpies
Brown headed cowbirds
Brewer’s blackbirds
Chipping sparrows
Common ravens
Cordilleran flycatcher*  (NEW for my list)
Dark eyed juncos
European starlings
Eurasian collared doves
Horned larks
House wrens
Mourning doves
Mountain bluebirds
Northern flickers
Northern harriers
Northern rough winged swallows
Orange crowned warblers
Pine siskins
Prairie falcon
Red tailed hawks
Rock wrens
Red winged blackbirds
Sage thrashers
Swainson hawk
Turkey vultures
Western kingbirds
Western meadowlarks
Warbling vireos
Western tanagers
Yellow rumped warblers
Yellow warblers

One thought on “Time Travel: June 16, 2016

  1. I can hardly stand these. Those houses ooze with memories, voices, sunrises and sunsets, coming and going, seasons passing, children growing; the beauty of it all permeates the senses and emotions. Weddings with hand made dresses, Christmas with trees pulled by the horse; some disappointments and tears and a lot of laughter and love over those years! Thanks for these!


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