Time Travel: June 11 & 12 2016

Melina, Nan & Sydney come west. This weekend was very busy. Melinda and I go birding in Spanish Fork and the Nebo Loop Rd. Nan’s son Kaleb & his wife Hillary welcome baby Sloan into the world.

Lazuli Bunting
DSCN1373 Turkey Vulture DSCN1377

Turkey Vulture
DSCN1376 Black Chinned Hummingbird DSCN1389

Western Kingbird
DSCN1410 Rainy Nebo Loop DSCN1447

A patch of Mules ears
DSCN1452 Mule with ears DSCN1458

My cute nephew and his new baby Sloane. I can’t believe I’m a great auntie. I mean, of course I’m great but a great aunt?
DSCN1462 The three amigos DSCN1473

— Jenny

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