11/9/2017 Bear River Refuge at Sunset

I was heading for Texas to attend a library conference and visit my family. Since it is cheaper for me to drive to SLC to catch my flight, I was able to swing by the Bear River Refuge at sunset. It was GORGEOUS. The air was crisp without being too cold, the wind had stilled, and the light was magnificent.

_JLS9288 Stillness and light created wonderful mirrors of every watery surface. _JLS9290

Beautiful, but there were few birds.
_JLS9294 Ravens _JLS9299

A lone red tailed hawk
_JLS9328 Pied billed grebes _JLS9334b

But the refuge was beautiful
_JLS9341b Even the invasive fragmites added beauty _JLS9356b

A lone northern pintail
_JLS9387 It wasn’t a surprise that coots were everywhere _JLS9397

Not a lot of birds, but a whole lot of gorgeousness

– Jenny


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