A few birds from the Dallas Zoo

November 13, 2017: Birds of the Dallas Zoo

Melinda and I go to the Dallas Zoo to check out Sydney’s zone. She works there as a volunteer quite a bit.  It was a lot of fun to see all the birds and animals. The Hillcrest Foundation Nature Exchange is one of her favorite places.  The flamingo pond ended up being one of the spots I visited the longest.  And it was very hard to leave the Wilds of Africa aviary.  Let me know if I have misidentified any of these birds.


Brown pelicans _JLS9815

Fulvous whistling duck

White faced whistling duck _JLS0066

White faced whistling duck 2

White faced whistling duck 3_JLS0081

Black vulture

Black vulture 2 _JLS0076

Black vulture 3

Great egret on nest

Great egret and flamingo _JLS0151

White naped crane

White naped crane 2 _JLS0213


Southern screamer _JLS0494


Penguin 2 _JLS0550

White backed vulture

Saddle billed stork _JLS0599

Palm nut vulture

Hamerkop _JLS0717

Hamerkop 2

Hamerkop 3 _JLS0662

Blue bellied roller

Hadada ibis

Bald ibis

Abdim’s stork_JLS0751

Abdim’s stork 2

Spur winged lapwing

Scarlet Macaw

— Jenny

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