Time Travel: May 2016 Craters of the Moon

May 30 2016 Craters of the Moon
Trip with John, Bill, and Charissa

Spring is the best time to visit Craters of the Moon National Monument https://www.nps.gov/crmo/index.htm.  The black lava dirt blooms with low growing flowers in all of the shades of the rainbow.  The days are warm and sunny though frequently windy.  Later in the summer it is way too hot.  If you take kids with you I recommend that you also bring water pistols.  One of our best pranks was to take my niece and nephews into the amazing lava tube caves. These caves are lovely and cool and dark and the water surely came from above, not from some nutty adult relative…  This trip I had no youngsters to prank so left the squirt guns at home.  I was looking for wildflowers and birds.

Brewer’s blackbird
DSCN1022 Golden mantled groundsquirrel DSCN1001

Lava and dead tree
DSCN0985 Flow texture DSCN0955

Lava for miles
DSCN0919 Wildflowers DSCN0914

Wildflowers 02
DSCN0912 Lava arch DSCN0907

Monkey flowers
DSCN0796 Lava window DSCN0832

Cool very old tree
DSCN0811 Pahoehoe lava DSCN0814

Blue dragon flow (note blue irridescence)

Birds of the day:

Golden eagle
Red tailed hawk
Swainsons hawk
Rock doves
Eurasian collared doves
Western meadowlarks
Black billed magpies
Brewers blackbirds
Red winged blackbirds
American crows
Common ravens
Rock wren
Northern rough winged swallows
Turkey vultures
Horned larks
Brewer’s sparrows
Mourning doves

— Jenny


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