Birding & Family in Spanish Fork

May 27 & 28, 2018

These two days were a combination of birding and hanging out with our sister Jessica and her family. We played games with the kiddos, watched a thought provoking funny movie “Stranger than Fiction,” ate, laughed and took the family birding. I had a lot of fun but took very few successful photos. My excuse is that either the birds were flighty or I was too busy with my niece and nephew.

Sunday morning birds around the Oak Hills:
1 House sparrows
2 American robins
3 Great tailed grackles
4 Western meadowlarks
5 European starlings
6 Eurasian collared doves
7 Mourning doves
8 California gulls
9 House finches
10 Barn swallows
11 Western kingbirds
12 American crows
13 Black billed magpies
14 Lazuli buntings
15 Spotted towhee
16 Dark eyed juncos
17 Yellow rumped warblers
18 Black chinned hummingbirds
19 Yellow warblers
20 California quails
21 Lark sparrows
22 Western tanagers
23 Eastern kingbirds
24 Vesper sparrows
25 Lewis woodpecker
26 Black capped chickadee
27 American kestrel
and a mule deer

Black chinned hummingbird
_JLS4034 Monday birds on the drive to Lincoln Point on Utah Lake:

1 Common grackles
2 House sparrows
3 California gulls
4 European starlings
5 Barn swallows
6 American robins
7 Mourning doves
8 Eurasian collared doves
9 Western kingbirds
10 Red winged blackbirds
11 Black billed magpies
12 Western meadowlark
13 Cliff swallows
14 Brewer’s blackbirds
15 Turkey vutures
16 Bullocks oriole
17 American kestrel
18 Swainson’s hawk
19 Ring necked pheasant
20 Northern rough winged swallows
21 House sparrows
22 Mallard
23 Killdeer
24 Snowy egret
25 Eastern kingbird
26 Gadwalls
27 Osprey
28 Willet
29 American coots

Barn swallow

— Jenny & Melinda

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